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Devils Lake Fly-About, Revisited

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

This is an update to a blog we posted quite some time ago regarding the use of LiDAR derived elevation data and flying virtually around Devils Lake State Park in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

Utilizing a recent set of LiDAR data and NAIP aerial imagery, we constructed a new virtual fly-about that begins on the eastern portions of Devils Lake State Park and cruises westward over the bluffs, around the lake, and finally ending just south of the lake. Better application techniques allowed us to enhance certain aspects of the digital terrain data and LiDAR point cloud, which resulted in a more realistic view of the surrounding. Take off and have a look for yourself!

If you have a particular need, or area, in mind for a virtual fly-through, please let us know. We would certainly love to help!

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