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About Us

Geographic Techniques assists others in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related information technologies. We often work as a consultant to the many groups and agencies who engage us, and are committed to dependable mapping services for nonprofits, small businesses,‚Äč individuals, and community based organizations.


We have assisted others who had the need but lacked the resources to do so themselves, by saving them time and money over typical costs through our low-cost, in-kind, and pro bono mapping services, while never sacrificing the quality, accuracy, and integrity of our work.


And though we offer expert mapping solutions, we always rely on the expertise of our clients to define the content of any particular project.


1302 Menomonie Lane

Madison, WI 53704

Tel: 608-467-2016

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You may use the above form to contact us or request a price quote for any of our mapping services.  If you are interested in a quote specifically regarding our drone mapping services, please use the link below.