We offer a full range of mapping services, including cartographic design, data research and development, spatial analyses, field surveys, LiDAR processing, and remote mapping technologies.




Geographic Techniques has special expertise in several areas involving GIS technology, including the creation of publication quality maps and maintaining various types of geospatial data used in map preparation.




Aerial imaging (photogammetry), photography, and video with drones can greatly enhance focus and accuracy of land mapping projects.  Our Drone Mapping Services include setup, one pilot, up to one visual observer or ground crew member, and at least $1 million liability insurance.




Field mapping services may support GIS, cartograhic design, and drone mapping services. Field Mapping includes area coverage surveys, high accuracy GPS mapping, laser offsets, and ground control point (GCP) solutions for UAV operations.

DISCLAIMER: Geographic Techniques LLC is not a Survey Company or a Licensed Surveyor, nor do we claim to be. Maps we produce should not be used to authenticate property boundaries of any kind, or used to provide precise measurements for authenticating any said property boundaries to be used in any legally binding documentation that requires being signed and stamped by a legally licensed surveyor. Unless we are working with an actual licensed surveyor or Surveying Company such that they can sign off on our maps, they are NOT to be used for anything other than informational purposes.


Drones and the data derived from them are sometimes subject to GPS error and are not 100% correct.  Drone data is always a supplement to traditional quantification methods. Unless our data has been reviewed, verified, and stamped by a professional licensed individual it may not be relied upon in any professional use case. Further, drone data should not be relied upon as a "survey" or misused in anyway which would violate any survey regulation.  If our data is to be relied upon for design, engineering, or any other purpose which would require a professional license, it needs to be run through, verified, and approved by the appropriate professionally licensed individual.