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We offer a wide range of mapping services for individuals and organizations working in land conservation, recreation, archaeology, agriculture, site planning, construction, and outside stock inventory.

  • GIS and Cartographic Design

  • UAV (Drone) Mapping & Photography

  • Field Mapping (including GPS)



The scope of our mapping projects extends across numerous geographies, from world maps to single properties.  From reference style maps to LiDAR derived 3-D maps, to land use maps created from drone photography.


We are proud to have been able to help our many clients over the years.  From individual needs to large business projects, from baseline studies for land conservation to stockpile inventory reporting, we have covered literally a lot of ground.  We also embrace the opportunity to work with those having limited budgets, and providing low cost and pro bono services.




Geographic Techniques is a small business specializing in quality maps for analyzing, managing, and communicating the diversity past and current information. We offer expert mapping solutions and assist others in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related information technologies.  With over 20 years of experience in spatial analysis and cartographic design, we help our clients achieve growth and success through practical and informed decisions.


  • We provide dependable, low cost, and cutting edge geospatial solutions for ​nonprofits, community groups, volunteer organizations, small businesses, and individuals needs.

  • We help those who have the need but lack the resources to do so themselves.

  • We save our clients time and money through our low-cost, in-kind, and pro bono mapping services.

  • We work as a consultant to the many groups and agencies who engage us.

  • We rely on the expertise of our clients to define the content of any particular project.

  • We never sacrifice the quality, accuracy, or integrity of our work.


Please use the form below to contact us.  You may also request a price quote for any of our mapping services via our Services page.

Your information is kept confidential and we do not share it with anyone, ever.

Douglas Norgord, Owner/President

1302 Menomonie Lane, Madison, Wisconsin 53704  Tel: 608-467-2016

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