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Adventure North, Inc

Ancient Earthworks Society of Wisconsin

Blue Mounds Area Project

Cherokee Park Neighborhood Association

Drone Base

Driftless Area Land Conservancy

Friends of Cherokee Marsh

Galway Companies

Justin Trails Resort

Mount Horeb Area Historical Society

Old City Cemetery (Mineral Point, WI)

Shining Oaks Conservancy

Silverwood Park (Dane County, WI)

Stockpile Reports

Tile Art, LLC

Verso Corporation

Inn at Wawanissee

Ya Mule MAFF

Plus Many Individuals!

'The images were gorgeous and very high quality. We imported them into our QGIS with no trouble. Drone Imagery is clearly the best solution for land managers that want to monitor results of habitat restoration and land management prescriptions over the years. Why wait until the government commissions imaging flights? Why compromise on image resolution? This is a valuable tool, we are just scratching the surface of all the useful applications possible. Thanks so much. You'll be hearing from us again.'

Laura Ellis Cotting - Shining Oaks Conservancy

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