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Unmanned Aerial Vehicals

Geographic Techniques deploys small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), also known as a drones, as a tool to assist our field mapping projects. There are many reasons to look at UAV technology for your future data collection and mapping project needs. Whether it involves the identification of land features, assistance with land use, land inventory, or land planning, we offer the unique and powerful perspective that aerial imaging provides.

Besides aerial photography and videography, areas that hold great potential for UAV mapping include:

  • Agriculture

  • Archaeology

  • Baseline Mapping & Inventory

  • Construction

  • Disaster Response & Mitigation

  • Facilities Management

  • Insurance Claims

  • Land Management and Conservation

  • Landscape Planning & Design

  • Real Estate

  • Recreation


We are FAA Commercial Remote Pilot (Part 107) Certified

And Insured For Every Flight.

Let us know if you are interested in affordable aerial imaging for your project needs. 

Below are samples from our recent drone missions:  A 3D model of the Inn at Wawanissee Point (top), and Prato Belo, comprising 64 acres of restored prairie and oak savanna (orthophoto mosaic, plant health index, and video).

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