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Cherokee Park Drainage Network Map

June 11, 2019

Our previous post about flooding issues along the Menomonie Lane Drainage Channel drew much interest and curiosity about the drainage networks and flooding hazards in the area.  Cherokee Park is located within the City of Madison between the Cherokee Marsh North and South Units.  Naturally, water is a key feature of the area and understanding its ebb and flow is critical for the storm water and surface water management, as well as ground water connectivity.  With this in mind, we went on to create a map showing a broader view of the area's drainage networks and flood zones, and how they relate to the Cherokee Park neighborhood.


The map is available electronically and can be viewed or downloaded free of charge (PDF, 24"x30" layout size) by clicking on the map image below.  Key features of the map came from a variety of sources and include Cherokee Park neighborhood parcel boundaries, elevation contours, storm sewer structures, drainage ponds, LiDAR derived local drainage flow, and FEMA flood zones.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions of concerns regarding the map.  Hopefully the map will not only be informative, but entertaining as well.

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