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Mapping Shining Oaks

December 14, 2017

The weather was unusually mild for early December, and why not take advantage of it?  Through a request from the land owner, we gathered the drones and other equipment and headed out to some beautifully restored acreage near Cambridge, Wisconsin.  After all, it might be our last good chance to shoot some aerial photos and video, with leaf-off, before the winter sets in.


Two nearly identical flight plans were drawn up for both mapping missions.  The only difference being with their flight lines; one straight and he other a cross pattern.  The results were two sets of high resolution orthophotos, over 700 in all, covering approximately 50 acres.  These photos were combined during post processing to generate a continuous aerial image, or orthomosaic, of the entire property.  The imagery will be used to assist with present and future land management issues at Shining Oaks.


Photos: My partner and I observing the drone near the launch site (top), and a shot of the land owner's home (bottom).



The third mission involved a bit of video, manually flown at various altitudes and camera angles.  Besides having a use for land management, the video is something the landowner could enjoy viewing with family and friends.


All in all, it was a highly successful day for mapping.  Great weather, filtered sunshine (which helped reduce the shadow effect), and light winds all combined to get give us great photos.

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