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Map Showcase

It's been a busy year so far for Geographic Techniques. One thing I have noticed is that there seems to be a slight uptick in drone and mapping requests, which could be an indication that we are starting move on from the pandemic. Although this does not mean we have lost our diligence about COVID-19 protocols (it is important that we still abide by them), but I think it means as more people are getting vaccinated and cases continue to fall, people and businesses are beginning to opening up and feel more comfortable with returning to some form of "normalcy." Let us hope it continues.

Late last year, I was thinking about opening a store front on our website where I could offer printed copies of various maps for purchase. After some trials and tribulations with finding a suitable print-on-demand provider, who could deliver the media and print quality at an affordable price, I decided to nix that idea. I did not want to offer a substandard product for sacrifice of cost. But, this did not mean that I would not offer up the maps at all.

Enter the Map Showcase. Instead of a store where paper maps can purchased, you will now be able to download the same high quality map images for free. Yes, free! The maps are delivered as a PDF, in poster-size or larger format, and at least 600 dpi. And if you still want a hard copy, the images are high enough quality to print decently at a printer of your choice. Otherwise, please enjoy the maps electronically!

Be sure to visit our Showcase at : Showcase | GeoTechniques LLC (

And stay well!

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